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Solid Brass Giftware

brass angels 2.25" tall angels

4 piece nativity set. For comparison,
the angel is 3" tall
brass nativity set

brass nativity set 17 piece nativity set. The camel
(in back) is 4" tall

3" x 1.5" Santa Claus face brass santa face

brass trivette 7" x 6.5" trivette

7" x 4" cat trivette brass trivette

brass dogwood blossom 4" Dogwood blossom

7" Tobacco leaf brass tobacco leaf

brass plant hanger 11" long plant hanger

fish (decoration or ashtray) brass fish ashtray

brass bear and turkey bear and turkey

teapot brass teapot figurine

Custom Products

These are just a few examples of the parts we have made as reproductions or from custom patterns. See anything you like? We can make the parts you need!

aluminum water meter cover This is a water meter cover we are currently producing in aluminum

aluminum door handle Door handle from a 1930's Pontiac. Reproduced in aluminum from
original piece, then sent out for chrome plating.

aluminum ring and flag bracket Aluminum mounting ring and
Aluminum 5 slot flag bracket (3 slot available)

aluminum vault handles Aluminum vault lid handles

brass gun parts These brass antique gun parts (trigger guard and butt plate)
were made from a pattern

brass gutter hooks Brass gutter hooks and hardware for hanging copper gutters.
Available in 4, 5, and 6" diameters

brass crosses drawer pull lion coat hook coat hook rack plating hook

rack plating hook rack plating hook rack plating hook rack plating hook rack plating hook rack plating hook

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